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Our Vision is to be "The Best Credit Union in Fiji”


The FPSCU 's mission is that we are “Dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our members and stakeholders through commitment, innovation and sound financial management for sustainability and excellence".


Our Corporate values are our guiding principles. Our Executives and Employees align themselves with these values in order to provide the very best of service to our members.


  • We operate within the guidelines of the FPSCU's By-Laws & comply with applicable regulations and legislation;

  • We avoid participation or taking action in activities that would discredit the credit union or cause harm to its reputation;

  • We perform duties and produce quality that is of high standards;


  • We do what we say will do;

  • We remain trustworthy with open and honest communication;

  • We protect and build up our business relationships;

  • We remain truthful about our product & services.


  • We understand our individual responsibilities and carry them out to the best of our abilities;

  • We take ownership of your decisions;

  • We follow reporting protocols and report any breaches of conduct;

  • We act responsibly and take responsibility.


  • We endeavor to always act responsibly;

  • We acknowledge our challenges and mistakes and take responsibility;

  • We recognize our differences, our own biases and work to improve;

  • We are open and honest;

  • We communicate with accuracy and clarity.

Respect, Equality & Inclusivity

  • We treat all our colleagues, clients, and members fairly, with kindness, courtesy, and respect;

  • We remain aware of the impact our behavior has on the FPSCU;

  • We value all our colleagues from all backgrounds;

  • We promote and encourage equal opportunities for all persons regardless of their background.


  • We have the utmost respect for our members by safeguarding their personal and financial information;

  • We do not misuse, distribute or display information of our members and other business.

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1. Ensure a safe, sound and sustainable business model that provides mutual protection for members and the Credit Union.

2. Improve the quality of life and financial well-being of members through access to affordable financial products and services

3. Ensure maximum performance by the Credit Union to allow a healthy return to members.  


As a service-oriented organization, providing excellent service to our members is the foundation of our entire business. Our people are guided by our Customer Service Values in this endeavor to deliver the best service. 



The FPS Credit Union was established in July 1972 with their office in Suva. The first board chairman selected at the very first AGM was Mr. Edward Beci Waqairawai. The Credit Union was first established to provide for the welfare needs and a facility to save money for employees of the public sector. Within twenty years the FPS Credit Union completed construction of its investment property, the Credit Union Towers, situated on Gorrie Street and Gladstone Road, within a stone throw of the Government Buildings.

Today, the FPS Credit Union has over 4,000 members and over 25 full time staff to cater for the ever growing business and member needs of the organisation.

We pride ourselves as being the largest and most modern credit union in Fiji. Our state of the art member and finance application provided by Sterling Systems of Australia has enabled us to provide services to our members much more efficiently. Our members can access all of their account information and apply for our various services, including, personal loans through the online portal.

The FPS Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors, selected by members at the Annual General Meeting. Our members also select members of the Credit Committee and the Supervisory Committee.

The operations of the Credit Union is managed by the General Manager who is supported by the Unit Managers and over 15 staff members.




We now have a state of the art computerised Savings and Loans System (SALS) which allows for quicker processing, easy reporting and most importantly, gives our members a very convenient avenue in keeping up to date on their accounts. Online registrations and applications etc. are all possible through this system giving us an edge over other credit unions.


FPS Credit Union in collaboration with Vodafone Fiji Ltd has introduce M-Paisa as a means to disburse and receive cash to and from our members. This will see a cheaper more convenient avenue for our members to pay their subscriptions and receive their cash payouts.

M-Paisa Authorization forms are available on this link: M-Paisa or you can also refer to the FORMS Tab on the Menu  Bar.



In order to ensure our members are provided with accurate identification cards, the FPS Credit Union will be commencing a major data cleansing project beginning in January 2017. This will allow ID cards to be issued with updated information.

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