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Any active member of FPS Credit Union is eligible to apply for loan. Your credits will determine your maximum eligibility amount. Members can apply for a loan by visiting our office, using our online services portal, downloading and sending back to us by fax or email. Loans are paid out as early as the same day, depending on your eligibility. An overdraft facility is available to our members which they make withdraw as a personal loan. Call or email us today to find out your eligibility and conditions for taking a loan. We offer member loans at an interest rate of 1% per month on a reducing balance with maximum repayment term of 2 years or 50 fortnights or 100 weeks (this makes our loan repayments very affordable)



The FPS Credit Union has several options for our members to save for rainy days and retirement. Our Savings Products include, Compulsory Savings for retirement, Education Savings for members and their immediate family, Xmas Savings Club which can be drawn at December and January. Each of these savings accounts will receive an interest following the close of the financial calendar. We offer members a very generous interest rate on savings of 6%p.a. and dividend on shares of 6% per annum




The FPS Credit Union has an in-house death benefit scheme. When a member dies, his/her loan up to $10,000 is written off and Savings is refunded to your beneficiary with the first $5,000 doubled.




Our members can now introduce their children to good habits early in life. By joining our Kidz Savings Club your children can save and earn interest until they turn 18. Conditions for registering for our Kidz Savings Club are:

  • You must be the child of an active FPS Credit Union Member

  • You must be under 18 years of age

Register now by downloading, completing and submitting this form.



Our members can check their account balance online or on their android phones without having to visit the credit union office. Applications can also be lodged electronically and the option of members receiving direct payment of loan funds to their bank accounts is also available (with all the banks in Fiji). Members can now also know their loan eligibility; minimum loan repayment as well as when the last deduction was received by the credit union from the member’s payroll section.




Our exiting new product the mobile phone app. Simply, download from Play store etc. and you can access your account, apply for loans etc. at the click of a button.



Membership is opened to individuals in the public service and Statutory Organisations, permanent unestablished staff and individuals on permanent employment in other business houses.


At the end of each financial year, we will pay you dividend on your accumulating shares.

Death Benefit In House Insurance Scheme is in place. When a member dies, his/her loan up to $10,000 is written off and Savings is refunded to your beneficiary with the first $5,000 doubled.

You can apply for your first loan after 3 months of contribution.

We provide unsecured loan which is regulated by the Credit Union Act and Standard By Laws.

Lower interest rates only 1% per month on reducing balance.

Overdraft facility is applicable to each member.

Repayment is done automatically through payroll deductions.

FPSCU is owned by the members. As a member, you are a shareholder/co-owner of this business.

Credit Unions are regulated by legislation so money saved or invested with FPSCU is safe at all times.

Fill in a Membership Form and send it by fax, mail or hand delivered to our office.


Q – What is the minimum shares and savings I need to deposit and how often in order to become a member?

A – At least $5 for shares and $5 for savings every week. You may also make deposits, fortnightly, bi-monthly and monthly


Q – Who decides if my request for a loan is approved or declined?

A – The Credit Committee meets once a day on workdays to deliberate. While the staff process your application, the authority to approve loans is delegated to the Credit Committee in accordance with the Credit Union Act and our Supplementary By-Laws.


Q – Can I still apply for a loan if I don’t have any eligibility?

A – The Credit Committee will approve UP TO you eligibility. In the case where the Credit Committee either rejects your request or only approves part of your eligibility you may make an appeal to the Board, who sit once a week on Wednesdays to deliberate appeals.


Q – Once I’ve registered how soon am I able to take  a loan?

A – You can begin taking loans once we have received 3 months (or 6 fortnights) of deposits for shares and savings.

If you are new member, please click here to register your membership

If you are new member, please click here to register your membership

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